systlin: appropriately-inappropriate: kittiesatemypronouns: r1vk4: ‘To you, my Father, who do you hate girls? With the same hatred you hate our Mothers…’ In the village of Umoja in Kenya, men are not welcome. In fact, they are banned. In Swahili, one of Kenya’s official languages, Umoja means unity. It is a safe and inspirational refuge for 50 women and 200 children. Umoja was founded in 1990 by female survivors of rape and sexual violence. It has also become a haven for women fleeing sexual and domestic violence, and welcomes people fleeing female genital mutilation, child marriage, and more. ‘I wouldnt wish any Maasai girl to go through what I went through.’ The local Samburu culture is patriarchal where historically women are seen as property. Beading is culturally significant and the women are able to support themselves by selling crafts. Protected by a wall of thorns, the village is self-sufficient and the women run their own lives. Despite resistance from local male-run tribal groups, the village continues to grow. Life is frugal, but the women own the land the village is on and proudly call Umoja their home. A beacon of light for women, Umoja has inspired other women-only villages in Kenya.  - Umoja: The Town Where Men Are Banned They are making and selling jewelry online now! ☺☺ Oh fuck I want the jewelry. That’s gonna be gifted to everyone come holiday season. Welp time to buy some jewelry