Fear is an illusion. Fear dictates our choices and actions all through life, and we don’t even realize it. We create scenarios in our minds, and then we feed off them. Fear is a reaction to a perceived threat—imagined or real.Perceived threat. Meaning often times, the threat is not even real. It may be a threat, or it may not be. Often we create the threat. We create the scenario that feeds the fear. We let it control us, and the imagined scenarios we draw up in our minds never actually take place. It never happens. We let fear control us and keep us trapped. It prevents us from taking part in things we would really like to do, and we make up excuses and lies in our mind about how we aren’t interested in said activity anyway—so why bother doing it? We tell ourselves,“Nah that’s not for me,” and we don’t even try. When we don’t understand something, we judge it. The fear comes when we allow the non-understanding of something to threaten us. The power step here is admitting that it is not the outside thing that is actually the threat—it is our mind creating the threat. Is the threat real or imagined? Is it based off of someone else’s information? Have I explored it myself? Because we are too ensnared in our comfort zones to push outside of them, we stay in them—comfy and warm, living safe little lives that are more of just an existence. We live there in the illusion of safety and security, pretending we have a grip. I’m not saying there isn’t joy and happiness to be found in comfort zones—there is—but there is no greatness. There is no magic, and that’s what we find outside the comfort zone and outside the fear. Mastering our fears is about taking our power back. It’s about taking control and charge of our own lives. It’s about not allowing perceived or actual threats to rule our lives. It’s about facing things we don’t understand, or feel threatened by, and challenging ourselves to remain open long enough to examine our fear. It allows us to determine if there really is a threat or if the threat is perceived. It lets us form our own beliefs and rewrite them as they no longer serve us. Author: Lindsay Carricarte. 4biddenknowledge