Music is "432 Hz Look Within" by @4biddenknowledge When a photon (usually polarized laser light) passes through matter, it will be absorbed by an electron. Eventually, and spontaneously, the electron will return to its ground state by emitting the photon. Certain crystal structures increase the likelihood that the photon will split into two photons(Your Brain Is A Crystal Receiver), both of them with longer wavelengths than the original. Keep in mind that a longer wavelength means a lower frequency, and thus less energy. The total energy of the two photons must equal the energy of the photon originally fired from the laser (conservation of energy).When the original photon splits into two photons, the resulting photon pair is considered entangled.The process of using certain crystals to split incoming photons into pairs of photons is called parametric down-conversion. Normally the photons exit the crystal such that one is aligned in a horizontally polarized light cone, the other aligned vertically. By adjusting the experiment, the horizontal and vertical light cones can be made to overlap. Even though the polarization of the individual photons is unknown, the nature of quantum mechanics predicts they differ. You can take 2 entangled photons and separate them by infinite distance and when you change the information in one the other photon is changed instantly. This gives the illusion that information is traveling faster than the speed of light, when in reality the information travels instantly because distance is an illusion. At the most fundamental level WE are all made of photons. ALL matter and particles are STILL connected and information can be transferred instantly bypassing space and time. This is how your meditation & prayer consciousness syncs with the SpiritualConsciousness ChristConsciousness & It's not religion. Its about Understanding how to utilize the LawOfAttraction through Love and Light! UniversalConsciousness QuantumEntanglement Read this 11 times and research it for 11 days. 4biddenknowledge UnifiedPhysics watch this show called WhatTheBleepDoWeKnow