nncharlesz: monobeartheater: ripppedfuel: thelightofnight: nicoffeine: OH MY GOSH I have two hands and three foods. Oh poor little dude I HAVE NEVER SEEN AN ANIMAL LOOK MORE DISTRESSED Okay, head’s up. This little critter is called a slow loris. NEVER TAKE ONE AS A PET. They’ve experienced a boom in popularity as pets in parts of Asia and then the rest of the world, and this is not okay.  Why? A) They’re endangered B) They’re venomous. The only known venomous primate, to be exact. They store it in their inner arms.They’ll get in defensive posture, suck the venom from their glands, and them bite. And the bite can kill a human. (Seriously, one nipped Lady Gaga in Feb 2014 when she thought it would be a good idea to use one in a music video. They dropped that idea, thankfully.) C) They’re endangered directly BECAUSE OF THE EXOTIC PET TRADE D) When the poachers trap them, THEY CLIP THEIR FUCKING TEETH TO MAKE THEM “MANAGEABLE.” Many slow loris’ will die before ever being sold because of complications with HAVING THEIR FUCKING TEETH CLIPPED. (There’s a reason the loris’ in the videos are only eating soft foods…) E) The exotic pet trade on slow loris’ BOOMed because of youtube videos like the one above. You wanna help these adorable looking critters? International Animal Rescue: ‘Adopt’ a Slow Loris Little Fireface Project And please make it very clear to everyone who thinks these videos are cute, that the animal in question has been stolen from it’s natural habitat and horrifically abused just so it could be a “cute” pet.

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