maddkey: saafeandhound: if any of you guys are confused about where you’re heading in life (probably??? most of you, hooray for those of you who have some direction!!) there’s an app I’ve been using that could possibly help you out! It’s called good and co and it lets you take these quizzes that tell you like what major best suits you based on the questions you’ve answered, what jobs are good for you and so on! if you wanna give it a try heres the link  (ps i used this gif bc the basic text looked too boring so i made it more pretty:)) Okay, but you forgot to mention the fact that it also can get you connections to employers based on your personality!! I literally got in touch with a dog sitting agency after using the app lmao basically it can be super useful even for people who are just searching for a little side money because lets be honest I love dogs but this is not my career

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