siryouarebeingmocked: yourpoliticsarestupid: mother-child-life: luchadoreofliberty: youre-a-fucking-human-being: perspectivemax: us-army-world-tour: huffpost: As Pride month comes to a close, Desmond Is Amazing, the ten-year-old drag kid from New York, is living proof that the future is queer. ❤️ Wow this is incredibly fucked Man his parents are making a killing off this kid. Exploiting that little fucker for dime they can get Jesus christ you can practically see him reading the cue cards she wrote for him. 10 years old is not a time to think about sexuality or being a drag queen. You should be a kid playing with other kids and doing kid stuff.  This absolutely breaks my heart. Child abuse, plain and simple. watched an episode of Drag Race when I was two, decided to become a drag queen There’s people who are thirty who don’t make life choices as big as that. …I’ve heard I sadly would not be surprised if this kid offs himself before he’s 20. Everybody acting like this is normal and healthy needs to get a fucking grip.