WHY I HATE "GIRL PUSH UPS" . I'm not a big fan of push ups from the knees, often termed "girl push ups". Without starting a sexism debate🙅‍♀️, let's just say both sexes can benefit from them, but I still don't think their the best way to get to a full push up. . The reason is that they just don't allow for an easy, natural progression to the full push up. If you're trying to get your first full push up, you'll do much better and progress easier by using a bar in a rack. . In the push up, you push ⬇️vertically into the ground, so you fight against the full resistance of gravity on your bodyweight, which is also a vertical force. . With the bar, you start by largely pushing ↘️horizontally with some just a little vertical push so you only face part of that gravitational resistance. Then as you get stronger, you progress the bar downwards so that you push more and more vertically and add a little resistance at a time until you are at the full push up.📈 . The bonus with this is that you learn to remain rigid from head to toe and train your core at the same time as you progress. I like to start people at a position they can get 3 to 4 sets of 5 solid reps. When they can do all sets for 8 to 10, we lower the bar and start over. Repeat until you get to the floor.💪 . Tag a friend who wants to get their first push up and share the wealth! . 🎵 - Bazanji - Beachside (@bazanji919) . Prehab101