Are your hip flexors excessively stiff? Learn today how to stretch them the RIGHT way👇🏼 . Stiffness in the hip flexors can occur due to poor posture &-or poor core stability (the hip flexors or psoas muscles will stiffen as a compensation to help the body stabilize). This stiffness can cause problems in our ability to keep the spine safe & lead to excessive low back extension. In order to address the stiffness we need to do 2 things. First we need to attack the stiffness with foam rolling & stretching (shown here). Stretching the hip flexors is very simple.🙌🏼 . Assume a lunge position, squeeze your butt muscles & turn your pelvis under your body. If you do this correctly you'll feel an awesome stretch on the front of your hips. Hold for 10-30 seconds.✅ . For the full video (also including my full warm-up for squatting) check out the YouTube video linked in my bio! _________________________________ Squat SquatUniversity Powerlifting weightlifting crossfit training wod workout gym exercisescience fit fitfam fitness fitspo oly olympicweightlifting hookgrip nike adidas lift Crossfitter