ARTHUR 45 REBLOGS NUDE CuncensoRED BEBLOG THS PoST HACKERAXE TUMBLRCOM hackeraxe I read all your replies and decided to compile this little list! Not one but all three of our fine young men if a nearly 100-year-old witcher counts as being young as well are up and ready to go for this challenge and so am I They’re my three favorite men to draw lately so here they are!At 5 reblogs there will be an open shirt Arthur Morgan drawing!At 10 reblogs you’ll get to have a shirtless Geralt of Rivia!At 15 reblogs you get to see Dutch without his pants on!At 25 reblogs Geralt will only be in his undies!At 35 Reblogs Dutch will be completely naked albeit with a censorAnd at a whopping 45 reblogs…Geralt Dutch Van Der Linde and Arthur Morgan will all be completely naked in all their glory as nude as the day they were bornSo what are you waiting for? Reblog and tell all your buddies for the incoming shipment of nude cowboys and a witcher! All at the small fee of a few reblogs!Disclaimer These drawings won’t be immediate! I have to still complete one more gift drawing as well as a commission so be patient However none of these can get started without your support!Disclaimer 2 This may be the very first time I ever draw male genitalia I’ll be posting this as NSFW on my twitter account if I figure out how to use this damn thing httpstwittercomhacker_axeHave a great one everybody! THIS POST BLEW UP SO FAST IM LEGIT SCREAMINGthe thirst is real Meme


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