fire-for-u: kathelin: online-shopping—addiction: A SKY FULL OF STARS IN THE COMFORT OF HOME! Tired of outdated home decor concepts? Need new ideas? How about transforming your humble abode into a breathtaking starry night - every night…and day? Say an astronomical hello to the Galaxy Projector, the latest innovation from the minds at The Aesthetic Shop. The Galaxy Projector is an advanced holographic creation, small in size yet mighty in power. This mini laser star projector turns your home into an inspiring planetarium, with all the music and lights to go with it. REDUCE STRESS & ANXIETY. Studies show lights such that mimic stars help reduce stress and anxiety. Lie in bed and contemplate life’s intricacies as you observe Earth’s cosmos –> GET YOURS HERE WITH 50% OFF ONLY THE NEXT 24 HOURS <– Omg! This is the prettiest thing that i’ve see today!! I just ordered one! I can’t wait to get mine!! ❤️️❤️️❤️️ I love the ambience of this light for movie nights! There are multiple settings and colors that you can choose from on the remote. You can either have the option of the stars alone or clouds, or a combo of both. You can have a still setting or set it to a “wave” so that the clouds are moving. It also works as a Bluetooth speaker and the sound quality is pretty good for a lamp projector.