Music is "528 DNA" by @4biddenknowledge Available Everywhere. Don't think outside the box. Think outside the Tesseract. Hollywood has hid the Tesseract AKA MetatronsCube it in plain sight for decades. It's been called the CosmicCube, Hypercube, AllSpark, CubeOfDestiny and has appeared in CaptainAmerica: The First Avenger, IronMan2, XMen, TheMatrix Thor, The Interstellar, TheDarkWorldPrelude, Transformers and many more. The Tesseract is an enchanted object of unparalleled POWER. The Annunaki called them the TabletsOfDestiny. Metatron’s Cube AKA Tesseract, is based on a deceptively simple pattern called ‘The Fruit Of Life’ – 13 connected circles – which is concealed in the ancient ‘Flower of Life’ inscribed on the walls of the OsirionTemple at Abydos Egypt. If you research The Temple of Abydos in my previous posts you will find depictions of advanced technology in their hieroglyphs in the ceiling of the temple. Life force and energy begins as an ovum or sphere, becomes a tetrahedron, then a StarTetrahedron, a cube, another sphere, and finally, a torus. The Metatron Cube AKA the Tesseract is what was inside the ArkOfTheCovenant which was located inside The "KingsChamber" in the GreatPyramid. The granite container has been mistaken for a sarcophagus when the dimensions are exactly that of the Lost Ark. The Tesseract AKA Metatrons Cube powered the pyramids and made Egypt prosper. The Egyptians used the cube to power the pyramids because they had long stopped generating energy from even more ancient times. The Tesseract also represents higher dimensions of consciousness. To think outside the Tesseract is to raise your consciousness to the 5th dimension where past, future and present exist in the same moment. 4biddenknowledge