just-odradek: shinydragonite92: whyyoustabbedme: They broke him. They broke that baby’s spirit. 😢 What’s sad about this is the government isn’t taking into account what these families go through!It might’ve only been 2 months but he is physically disengaged with his dad,does not know what is happening,why it’s happening, and he’ll be stuck with those feelings/memories forever! Shits so fucked man. That poor baby. I’m literally sick. I want everyone to read this: The last names Che, Pop and Coc are indigenous and these people are indigenous to the Americas. FUCK your nation states and borders. They have every right to move across this continent. The colonists have been pulling this bullshit on indigenous people for more than half a millennia already. Enough. This broken child they finally returned to his dad? The last in a long long line, victim of just the latest administration.