ichiwashername-o: theapatheticstag: turntechdestiel: thedoctor-and-his-trolls: twatsaw: lightsareout: weallhavegunsforhands: setfabulazerstomaximumcaptain: The guy in the sleeping bag wiggling around I’m weeping The two people in the front wearing one shirt. Are we really not going to talk about the guy in the back who is attached to another guy’s back while spinning? WHAT ABOUT THE GUY THAT FALLS OUT OF THE WINDOW WHY IS IT BACK no you guys don’t understand, not only is this the first harlem shake out there… these guys aren’t normal military. This is “Telemarkbataljonen”. They’re pretty much the Norwegian equivalent of the fucking black ops. My brother knows a guy in this battalion, and when asked what they do there, he looked my brother dead in the eye and said “That is strictly confidential”. These guys are hard as shit, which makes this even more hilarious Don’t bring this meme back BRING THIS MEME BACK.