Tumblrx M Inbax- vickyediaz@gma X httpswwwtumblrcominbox trainmedcerts com 1處Home l Archive of Ou wl Microsoft Word Onlir f Facebook -Bloge t Tumblr Reddit DkUneddit Inbox blr Anonymous said February 19th 201 INBOX TOOLS Mass Edit Mo that's one big piece of tape on your laptop camera Search Inbox INCOMING masochist-incarnate bluecrysto-blog amis-amai ilikeyoshi dickbuttofficial killbenedictcumberbatch carry-on-my-wayward-butt carry-on-my-wayward-butt windows 10 is garbage so every time i boot up the computer i have to run command prompt and enter netexe stop “Windows Search” so that the shitty goddamned searchcortana feature that i never fucking use stops running in the background taking up all my fucking disk space before after what the fuck is that seriously what the fuck is making my computer be a fucking piece of shit @baristaboy try this out dude @lambylin y’all didn’t even add a tutorial of how to do this so imma put one right here1 type in cmdexe into your windows search and right click on Command Promt search result and select “Run as Administator”2 TypeCopypase in netexe stop “Windows Search” and make sure Windows Search is in quotations It should then respond saying “The Windows Search service is stopping” and then tell you it’s stoppedThis is only a temp fix though if you want it switched off permanently then do THIS1 Press the Windows key + R at the same time and type in servicesmsc 2 Scroll until you find Windows Search and double click it to enter its Properties window 3 Change the Startup type to Disabled Apply this change and you can exit outVOILA NO MORE TAKEN UP DISK SPACE Reblog to save a fucking life FUCK CORTANA Yo this sick nasty Meme











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