katy-133: katy-133: srebrnafh: fuckyeahgoodomens: The only wall decoration was a framed drawing—the cartoon for the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci’s original sketch. Crowley had bought it from the artist one hot afternoon in Florence, and felt it was superior to the final painting.* *Leonardo had felt so too. “I got her bloody smile right in the roughs,” he told Crowley’ sipping cold wine in the lunchtime sun, “but it went all over the place when I painted it. Her husband had a few things to say about it when I delivered it, but, like I tell him, Signor del Giocondo, apart from you, who’s going to see it? Anyway … explain this helicopter thing again, will you?” Oh, wow. Neil released some sharper images on his Tumblr: Fun trivia: This illustration was done by Paul Kidby, whom you may know from his illustrations for the Discword series. He’s also providing the artwork for the upcoming illustrated edition of the Good Omens novel. This is unrelated to my last reblog, but I just want to add: I really, really relate to Leonardo during that bit: tfw you draw a better rough sketch than the lineart.  oTL